Dienstag, 27. November 2012

rsAccessedDenied on Windows 8

rsAccessedDenied - The permissions granted to user 'mydomain\myAccount' are insufficient for performing this operation.(rsAccessDenied) (ReportingServicesLibrary)

Do you know this error?

I spent ~2 hours trying to fix it, only to find out in the end, that it was really easy.

I'm running Windows 8 and have SQL Server Express with Reporting Services installed and configured. So unless you have the same configuration the origin of your error might be different.

Anyway - after setting up everything and changing the website to port 8080 instead of the default port (80), because that one didn't work, I finally wanted to log on with my user but nothing seemed to work. For a friend on Windows 7 the solution was to start IE 9 with Administrator privileges, but unfortunately didn't work for me.

My user account is a local administrator so I figured it should have worked, but I am not THE local administrator.  The built-in administrator account.

And this one is disabled by default in Windows 8 so here is how you get it:

  1. Open good old Administrative Tools (you can find it via Start -> Search -> <search for it> -> Settings)
  2. Open good old Computer Management
  3. Computer Management (Local) -> System Tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users
  4. Set a password for the Administrator
  5. Enable the Administrator

Now you can log on with Administrator and the password you have defined. 

I strongly define the necessary permissions for your normal user account and afterwards disable the Administrator account again.

Hope this saved you a lot of time :)

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